Green Juice Fast – Day 3

Green Juice Fast – Day 3


Well today was day 3 of my first month of juice fasting.  I discovered that $30 of produce that will fit in a roughly 15 gallon tub will last me at least 2 days.  Really, my experience throughout the last year is that anywhere you go, a decent lunch is going run you about $20.  Sure you can buy a salad for around $7 to $10, but I’m talking about a balanced meal such as grilled salmon with steamed vegetables with wild/brown rice, or something balanced like that.  And that’s just lunch – not including breakfast and dinner!  The average cost for one person to eat a healthy, balanced, normal meal is around $60 at present.  I probably have enough green juice for at least 1 more day (about 7 12 oz servings).  Thus, it seems that my juice fast is only costing me about $10 a day – that’s less than it costs to have a ‘healthy’ meal almost anywhere else (in theUS that is)!

Basic Status

I haven’t had a bowel movement in 3 days now and I’m not sure when it will come, my stomach hasn’t really felt that rumbly.  But the last solid food I ate was crunch nut mix so when it finally does come I’m sure it’s going to be solid.

My cough that I was developing has all but subsided as I had predicted.  I credit the juice to fixing that.

My anal rash/itching situation has been subsiding.  I discovered the best solution seems to be applying the peppermint ointment, with strength upped to about 30 drops of both peppermint and tea tree oils per 1 teaspoon of raw honey.  Mix well the dip your finger in it and basically caulk your asscrack with it.  I’ve used this technique to heal cuts in the corner of my eye as well.  Anyway, after caulking from ball-sack to the top of my buttcrack, I digitally insert the finger to basically apply the salve to the inner 1 to 2 inches of my anus.  Essentially we are using the salve as a home-made hemorrhoid cream in this instance.  Then finally, squeeze about 2 teaspoons or so of raw aloe vera gel on your hand and use it to coat over the same buttcrack-ial region.  You may have to experiment to find out what amount of salve vs. skin gel works best for you.


Make sure to only use aloe gel that is APPROVED FOR INTERNAL USE – Most gels that you find in GNC or Vitamin Shoppe do not qualify and are for external use only.  In fact, I have only found one company that makes this stuff – it’s called Aloe Life Skin Gel.  Your best bet is to try a local food place or order from Amazon.

Last night I gained valuable knowledge and built a mock up for solving a ticket at work.  I learned how to use jQuery .toggle method, how to make a button or link that opens or closes using toggle or open/close using separate buttons.  I also learned to implement the jquery.wordWrap.js plugin which is cross-browser compatible and lets you set up a toggle or checkbox to wrap or unwrap a textbox (textarea form tag) on the fly.

Additionally, I tried to implement the code from the Simple Toggle with CSS & jQuery tutorial.  However, just pulling the code snippets from the site and running them together didn’t create a working application.  Only when I did a “view source” and copy-pasted the whole page source did I get an actual working application.  This seems like a nice tutorial, but time will be needed to figure out what the framework is that is needed to make it function correctly.

I also discovered that the easiest was to create a decent WordPress blog is to write it up in MS Word first, taking advantage of all Word’s spelling, dictionary, proofreading, and editing features.  Then, copy paste your article into WordPress’ plain text box tab (as opposed to the HTML box tab).  Save and upload and you are good to go!  This way is a lot faster and easier than trying to type everything in a 2 inch window and then manually updating every 5 minutes.  The only caveat is that what appears as one blank line between paragraphs in Word, shows up as two in WordPress.  Don’t worry about that, it’s just a glitch on cut-paste.  You get the correct formatting if you you click the HTML tab once, then back to the visual – voila!  Now layout should be good.

Finally, I have my eye on a nice camera.  It goes for around $200 but will be on sale for about $150 at Sam’s Club on Black Friday.  I think I can wait another week or two to save some dough, although I would like to get a picture of what I look like now.  I had been worried because the camera on my phone takes great pics from faraway, but up-close (arms-length) it distorts somewhat, which I find unacceptable for the types of accurate body-documentation photos I need to take.  Wait a minute …

You know how sometimes you run into an obstacle you can’t seem to solve, and the you go and ask someone for help, but in the process of explaining the problem to them you come up with the solution without them having said a word?  There should be a name for that, shouldn’t there?  Anyway, that just happened to me.  While I was telling you my reason for needing a new camera and being dismayed that I can’t take decent pics with my camera phone from 3 feet away, nor will it mount on a tripod, I realized that I could take my “before” body photos with my webcam, which still isn’t the greatest but will do in pinch!  Yay for autosolved TM © problems!  So, I guess I just coined a new term today:

autosolve:          The process of solving your own previously unsolvable problem by explaining it to someone else, without them having any input.

USAGE: “Though I persisted for hours, I just couldn’t figure out what was wrong with my code.  So, I went to Tom for help, but while I was explaining the problem to him I autosolved it, so I was able to get the code working and turned in on time”

NOTE:                        The terms “auto” and “solve” have been long been used together in various combinations, which a simple Google search will reveal.  However, those have mostly been as proper names for companies.  So, this is indeed the first instance of the verb autosolve and it’s birthday is today (11.11.13). J

One immediate difference is that instead of sleeping in till 8 or getting up and still being too tired to function, since I started my fast 3 days ago I have been waking up each morning at 6:30 AM on the dot!

To Do:

  • Use jQuery to dynamically create links for keywords on pages
  • Design site so it still has the basic functionality if JavaScript is disabled on user end
  • Raw and organic food locator with Google Maps API
  • Haunted places locator with Google Maps API
  • How to implement jQuery on my WordPress blog?
  • Bulletproof web design that doesn’t rely on styling or scripting, but rather is enhanced by it
  • How to add images as bullets?  Add different images based on li attributes?
  • How to dynamically add bullets to paragraphs?  (replace p tags with a wrapped li and ul structure)
  • How to include custom or external css file in WordPress?
  • Best formatting for definitions?
  • Best formatting for code in blog posts (programming fonts)
  • Best free photo hosting for blogs?

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