EXTRA, EXTRA – Corrupt House Niggers Seize Marijuana Shipment And Beat Slaves To Please Their Master

Anyone who is familiar with the term “house nigger“, (as I learned from the Autobiography of Malcom X as told to Alex Haley, creator of “Roots“) understands that this is a slave who doesn’t think he’s a slave anymore because he gets to sleep in the house with the master and wear fancy clothes and just overall enjoy a better standard of living than their other slave bretheren.

Part of the house nigger’s job is to make sure that the field slaves stay in line, and also to tell them that even though things are tough, if they just hang on EVENTUALLY things will get better.  Basically, he protects his master and his own standard of living by maintaining the status quot.  He understands intrinsically that for him to keep enjoying the way things our, his suffering bretheren will have to remain toiling in the field.  And he is fine with that.

In this case, the house nigger is the police chief, proud of doing the bidding of his master, which he thinks is “the law” or “the united states goverment”, but in actuality it is more accurately the corporatocracy of multinational conglomerate machines that, like a virus mixed cross-bred with a leech, sucks the world and it’s inhabitants dry, and then moves on to the next are with resources to abuse and exploit.

Sorry,  this is kindof a rant here, I know.  And this video is old.  But I was moved to say something and I’ve said my peace.  Comments are welcomed if you want to speak yours.




  1. Sarah said,

    March 31, 2012 at 9:22 am

    The thought that marijuana could be used for medicinal purposes is not a new concept; in fact it has been around for thousands of years. Before I began to do research on this topic I strongly believed that marijuana could be used as an effective medicine. I had heard many stories about its potential for helping cancer and AIDs patients, among other illnesses, to deal with both the symptoms of the diseases and the side effects of the treatments. These treatments could include chemotherapy or radiation in the case of cancer patients. I also was well aware of the fact that marijuana has never had a single recorded case of a person dying from a marijuana overdose. This in itself is cause to say that marijuana could be a safer medicine opposed to other prescriptions. With this evidence alone, it may seem that I am a complete supporter of the prospect of marijuana being used for medical purposes. This is not entirely the case. Before doing any of my research I have heard the horror stories of people becoming completely addicted and having the drug take over their lives. The whole issue of marijuana is a highly debated topic and should be looked at from different viewpoints before deciding a position.
    thanks again! 🙂

    • April 4, 2012 at 6:22 pm


      You are absolutely right. One should always consider as many sides as are know to exist to get the best evaluation of pros/cons of a given issue. I too have heard “horror stories” as you say about people becoming addicted to marijuana, but when you really analyze the whys, it often leads you to a sad fact of life, that many people don’t realize — failure to face your fears is a leading cause of psychological addiction.


      In my experience, having grown up around weed-smokers of all ages, races, creeds, and experiences, I have seen that what Depeche Mode sang about really is true: People Are People. I believe strongly that we all have the same abilities, that we have all been endowed with the same “possibility for greatness” and “potential to become the best version of ourselves”. But, we haven’t all developed the capacity to utilize those abilities. For instance, the way I see things — if even one of the 7 Billion people on earth can levitate and hover themselves above the ground, then we all must be able to do it — though we have lost the knowledge of how to access those abilities.

      In one of my upcoming posts, I will be addressing the origins and differences between psychological and chemical addictions. For now however, let me say this: When we are babies, we begin our journey (this time around), usually with no knowledge of anything that may have come before “Now”. We learn everything anew, and we are granted the gift of exploring, discovering, and learning. Our purpose in life, in my opinion, is to find out who we are, what our basic personality is, and the key to happiness as individuals is to then align all our actions with who we are meant to be. But lets say we experience a trauma during our pre-teen years, something like being molested by an uncle or seeing our mother murdered right in front of us. This type of occurence can disrupt the “meaning” center of our mind. This is where we store our understanding of how the world works, and what role we play.

      Unfortunately, many of my friends and relatives have been victims of child molestation, so I will use that in our example. So, lets take a young girl, 5 years old. One day she gets molested by her father. The molestation becomes a pattern of abuse. Her mind records that reality to her involves being sexually abused on a regular basis by relatives. On the other hand, the world/society/television puts out shows like Full House, Andy Griffith, and Family Matters, subconsciously saying to the girl as she grows to adolescence that her version of the world is wrong. Somewhere along the line, she sees a movie involving molestation and realizes there are people who don’t feel that’s normal, and that it’s downright wrong. She learns that what happens your dad when he is the molester is either A) The mom covers it up and defends him, B) The dad is a prominent figure in society (Teacher, Policeman, Politician, Preacher, etc.) and nobody believes the girl’s accusations, or C) She is believed, the dad is prosecuted and removed from the home. Now she has to live with foster parents, who usually are doing it for the money, and in who’s “care” she is liable to get molested again, even made to prostitute herself to the friends of the foster parents. Fucking sick right?

      Suffice it to say, for many young girls who are victims of this kind of abuse, and even moreso of a breach in trust by those who are supposed to protect and care for them, this is a horrible catch-22. Each eventually finds their own way to cope. That broken trust and abuse is something that conflicts with what society is saying the world is. Thus, subsconciously the mind tries to deny her reality, in favor of what society has programmed her mind to think reality was. This DENIAL, whether conscious or subsconscious is the key factor in creating a “Need Hole”. I’m no psychological expert, and maybe there is another term already created, but since I’m not aware of one, I have coined the term need-hole to mean that place in your sould where you feel something is missing, and that something is always, whether we realize it or not, UNCONDITIONAL LOVE FROM OTHERS, KNOWLEDGE OF WHO WE ARE TRULY MEANT TO BE, & ALIGNMENT OF OUR ACTIONS WITH OUR GOALS AND DESIRES.

      … Sorry, I tend to digress …

      Back to the issue with marijuana addiction. Here is what I have learned in my own experience and vicariously through others:

      1) If you have a need-hole and are missing unconditional love or lack the belief that you can ever have unconditional love, you are susceptible to psychological addiction. This means you could become addicted to gambling, starting bar brawls, sex, physical pain, emotional pain, etch. I believe that people who appear to be “addicted” to marijuana, have an escapist, psychological addiction to euphoria. Because they are unsatisfied with their life, and perhaps have a need-hole related to alignment with their goals (i.e.: Working 50 hrs a week on an assembly line when their true desire is to be an adventurer in South America), they have to find a way to cope.

      Many people who live dissatisfied, mediocre lives turn EUPHORIA for escape from their reality. Unwilling, or unable to recognize they have the power to change their lives and make all their dreams come true, and having a “possibility-blockage” dude to a negative outlook/mindset, makes people seek some kind of relase and escape. For some it is beer, others it cigarrettes, some turn to addictive prescription medication like Oxycontin, and still others turn to smoking marijuana. Further, our brains naturally have the same compounds that occur in marijuana that do the healing of cancer, ulcers, etc.

      The reason marijuana appears to heal us, is because it supplies our body with chemicals that, were it not for chemical suppression by pollutants in our air, water, earth, and even the processed animal, vegetable, and chemical matter that is passed of as “food” today, that our bodies naturally would produce and heal themselves. It seems some folks who’ve decided they know better think they are saving humanity by slowly poisoning us, cumulatively over a period of 30 to 50 years so that we start to degenerate and die off earlier than our creator designed us to. They do this is the name of “subtle population control”.

      Oh dear … look at the time! Well, your comment was wonderful and has apparently opened a whole can of worms. Needless to say, I’m starting to think my reply here should actually be made into a whole new post!

      Thanks again for your comment and I have to run to a massage appointment, but I do look forward to reading your blog soon!

      – RawLifeWizard

  2. Sarah said,

    March 31, 2012 at 12:25 pm

    One good business venture that’s a surefire way to make great money is through buying and selling bank repo houses. The public can purchase repo houses in an auction usually announced by the bank (lender). But such announcement is not publicized, to avoid any untoward incident. That is why a great number of people don’t know where repo house auctions take place.
    thanks again! 🙂

    • April 23, 2012 at 2:14 am

      Thanks for that info Sarah! I don’t know how the real estate repo auctions work, but I have looked into so called “police auctions” earlier this year and what I found was that most of the links that come up for you are some kind of “idiot-tax” scam. In other words, you get charged a fee for sites to point you to other sites, …. That’s best case scenario — worst case is that the site is some advanced spam scheme and you never get any police auction listings, or you pay your money and never get your item (cause the site was run by crooks).

      Happily, tho, I have found you can get a lot of legit listings info by going to irs.gov and I think whitehouse.gov also lets you search “auctions” and will give you the listings of the FBI and IRS sales in your area. May HUD repos can be searched from there too.

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