Mysterious Itching Feels Like Skin Crawling & The Invading Fire Ants

This isn’t the greatest post ever, but I need an accurate record for posterity.  I’ve suffered with stomach/digestive/eliminative chronic debilitating illness for over 15 years and it is to the point where I remember there was a time until I was in my mid 20’s when I could eat anything I wanted, pee fine, and not have mandatory hemorrhoids every time I went number two.  Unfortunately, the literal trauma of not being able to grasp what my illness is has let to my memory mis-recollected orders of events, possible causative factors, etc.  I don’t want that to happen with this new thing so I’m making my record on this blog.

So, In a nutshell, about 2 days ago my 2nd floor apartment, 2 blocks from the beach in Florida was inexplicably invaded by a stream of fire ants.  I know ants seek out food, water, and shelter, but it seemed against logic for them to make their way all the way upstairs, rather than to assail the downstairs which my roomates keep nice and filthy.

Anyway, about the same time these ants showed up, I started feeling a buring itching sensation that moved all over my skin on my mustache, eyelids, scalp,ears, chest, belly fat, back of my ankles,e tc.  This itching has steadily gotten worse.

Differential Diagnosis:

  1.  Not due to the Raid Ant & Roach killer I sprayed because I was itching before that
  2.  Maybe the ants brought pet mites — humans bring dogs with them when they migrate, and some ants are known to breed and raise aphids, so why would ants having small mites for pets be that far-fetched?
  3. Ant waste in the air is causing the itching
  4. Ants sprayed some protection chemical in the air and it got on my skin.
  5. Dry air ( not so likely since it is very humid.
  6. Psoriasis (heard this was genetic — no history of this in my fam)
  7. Body detox causing “healing crisis”
  8. Scabies (body lice) — doubt this is the case because none of my roomates are itching, but still a possibility.
  9. The Parrot Bay coconut rum I started drinking 3 days ago
  10. Dust mites or other such mites
I don’t know what is going on but this is the loose collection of my understanding at this point.
Here are some interesting and useful posts and articles on the subject of mysterious itching.  There is an actual medical term that has been around for centuries … the term is “formication”.


hormiga – spanish for ant

formica – latin for ant


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