Green Juice Fast – Day 10

Young collard plants growing in a container

Collard Greens

Green Juice Fast – Day 10


Last night was the worst so far.  I feel like I kinda know what Jesus felt like when he was alone in the desert for 40 days.  The devil came to me last night while I was watching online entertainment … I forget what it was.  Anyway, a pain in my right side kept gnawing away like a rat through a sewer pipe.  That pain, my friends was hunger.  The devil crept into my mind and was saying things like “Forget your fasting … you are in so much pain, why don’t you just go buy a pizza … or wouldn’t some nice Doritos or those Avocado chips you love be great right now?  Besides, if you find a take-and-bake pizza joint like Pappa Murphy’s, that’s the healthiest you can get!  Come on … wha’d ya say?”  I had to to grab hold of my mind, endure the suffering, and look the devil square in the eyes and say “Tempting offer son, but I’m on a mission.  No thanks”

So, let’s discuss fasting in general.  When you really break it down, the simplest explanation of fasting is voluntary deprivation of all or most food for a given length of time.  In other words, nobody is forcing you to do this, nor is anyone keeping food from you.  You are doing it to yourself.

Why would anyone go through such torturous deprivation?  Well, fasting could be done for religious reasons, ritual cleansing, to punish oneself as atonement for some sin, or to purify and detoxify the body.  The latter is applicable to my case.

So, I press on.  Knowing that in the end, I will be victorious at healing myself of all my ills.  I suffer temporary hardships to reap longer-lasting rewards.


I made a new batch of juice today.  Felt pretty good that I’ve almost got an efficient routine now, and getting some recipes figured out really helps.

Today’s batch is very potent and consists of these ingredients:

  • 1 fennel bulb
  • 1 handful parsley
  • 5 small lemons, peeled
  • 6 small limes
  • 1 head of kale
  • ¼ head red cabbage
  • 3 thumbs ginger
  • 3 beets
  • 6 large sticks celery
  • 8 large carrots
  • ½ bunch of collard greens
  • 2 small cucumbers

Note: I did not use the garlic this time, as I felt it would contradict the licorice flavor I expected from the fennel.  Strangely, there is no licorice flavor at all discernable in the new mix.


Here are some of the side effects of fasting I have experienced between today and yesterday.  I post this so anyone reading this who is going through these same mysterious experiences can know You Are Not Alone!

  • Do you know what it’s like when you look at a bright light for a bit, and when you look away, now there is a blotch of light?  I’m having that a lot more often.
  • The itching in my lower region is still present, but at 90% less than 6 days ago.  In fact, it is now mostly only under my ballsack and at the ‘peaks’ of my butt-cheeks.
  • Farted a lot today for the first time in about a week.
  • Weight: 185 lb./Body Fat: 21.1% (down 7 lbs from last week, 2% bf)
  • Lethargy & soreness
  • Temporary dizzy spells.  When I got out of a warm bath I literally got dizzy and as I was falling, had to grab onto a wall for stability.  Though it only lasted about 20 seconds, for that brief period it was as if I was in a trance of some sort.  Like I left my body, and returned shortly thereafter.
  • I think perhaps my sense of smell is heightened.  When my roommate is cooking pizza, I smell it and it smells delicious.

Well, that’s all for now.

Here’s wishing you all a great week ahead.  Be blessed. 🙂


Green Juice Fast – Day 9

Green drink in gal. jug & frosty glass

Green drink in gal. jug & frosty glass

Green Juice Fast – Day 9


2:45 PM

Today I noticed some interesting physical developments in my body.  But first, let me fill you in on events of the last 3 days.

When I last blogged I was telling you all about different butt-itch remedies including the peppermint salve and the bentonite clay.  Unfortunately, those remedies weren’t solving the problem.  Based on some research I did online I think I might have a severe case of candida overgrowth.  Candida is a yeast-like organism that loves sugar, so even though Dr. Morse says that people are born fruitarians, in this case I think it is better to do a all-sugar-free diet.  That means eliminating all the sugars (fructose, lactose, sucrose) from my diet until I have my candida balance (candida is normal and necessary in the body to a certain extent) restored to proper amounts.

This actually sheds some light on why the peppermint salve seemed to work, but then would get worse after a few hours.  I think the peppermint and the tea tree were doing their job in the healing sense, but I was actually providing a perfect environment for candida to thrive and spread by inclusion of honey as a base.  Now, don’t get me wrong – as I said I have used this practical ‘miracle cure’ for over 3 years for different ailments including hemorrhoids internally and have never experienced a problem like itching to this degree.  So my conclusion in this case is that the peppermint salve is not the right solution to anal itching because if the itching is a result of candida, the honey only fosters the growth of more candida!

So, is there another solution?  Yes!  Now, I can’t say that this is ‘THE’ cure.  But, what I can do is testify to my personal experiences during the last few days with this treatment modality.

I made a vegetable juice based on an anti-candida recipe I found on  It consists of beets, carrots, celery, and parsley but I couldn’t get parsley so I improvised.  These are my ingredients I used:

  • 6 carrots
  • 6 celery stalks
  • 3 turnips
  • ½ red cabbage
  • 1 garlic bulb, peeled
  • 1 cucumber
  • 4 lemons, peeled
  • 6 limes, small
  • 1 small handful of dill
  • 2 cups organic babygreens/spinach salad
  • 3 thumbs of ginger

Makes about 1 gallon.  Drink 2  12 oz servings daily – one for breakfast and one for lunch (I have not even been hungry enough for supper since I started drinking this juice).  If you are like me, this should last you 2 days at least.

Have you ever danced with the devil?  Has temptation ever summoned you?”

This quote from the seminal thrash band Slayer describes my mindset last night.  I avoided watching programs about food, or so I thought.  But, all I could think about was eating pizza and lobster and candy coated nuts and spaghetti.  Somehow, I ended up watching John Pinette: I’m Starvin’, on  Of course, most of it was about food.  It’s like, I can’t help eating great tasting food vicariously through other people. Lol.

Now back to the ‘cure’ I may have found.  Have you ever watched an movie where the hero gets injured and a shaman or medicine man of some sort tells him to drink this potion?  Usually the ‘cure’ tastes god-awful, but is powerful and does the job.  Throughout history, bitter herbs has been one of the most miraculous cures, but as the name states, they are bitter so not very good tasting.  My juice I made isn’t that bad.  I wouldn’t drink it everyday by choice, and it tastes better through a straw than drinking from a glass.  But, it is quite palatable.  It kinda tastes like a cold ceviche soup (my mom makes a great cold ceviche – recipe coming soon – not raw though, but still delicious!) without the seafood.

Reactions To The Juice


Well, back to the physical developments I mentioned earlier.  I noticed after the first drink that the itching started to disappear immediately.  I have been drinking 2 12oz servings each day for 3 days and that is all that I have needed.  I make a batch at night or 3 hours before work in the morning.  It lasts 2-3 days.  The first day I drank it, I started off to work with an itchy bum – within 1 hour I had significant relief!


So, the itch has been going away – hooray!  But what else?  Well,  there has been a funny feeling in the bridge of my nose.  Almost like when the blood rushes to you’re arm after you have been sleeping on it wrong for hours (sometimes called “pins and needles”).  This feeling comes and goes in waves, but I have felt it throughout yesterday and today.  It is not at all unpleasant.  My best explanation for what this is would be that harmful organisms that had made their homes in my sinus cavities have been dying off because their food source has been disappearing.  Overall, I can breath significantly better than last week!

I have personally suffered with severe chronic sinus infections off and on for the last 15 years.  It’s weird – I’d have chronic acute sinus infections for 1 year or so, then they’d go away, mostly on their own.  I tried neti pots and flomax and other nasal sprays and saline solutions, all to no clear avail.  Although, from what I know now about our body’s natural detox function, I can review those bouts of chronic mucus and phlegm spit-up and chronic runny nose, sore throat, etc. as my body going through a beneficial healing crisis.  Unfortunately, I like a majority of folks, I didn’t recognize the pain and misery of my suffering for the natural healing process that it was.

3:26 PM

A little exhausted from sitting now, so I’m going to lay on my bed and watch something.  When I come back, I will tell you about the rest of the side effects of my healing including:

  • Strange vivid dreams
  • Taint smells like candy (no seriously.  I might go further and say it smells like candy corn or honey)
  • Pain in mid right, right below ribcage
  • Spells of temporary dizziness where I stand up and then fall (onto something soft I hope) like a cut timber.  This use to occur frequently when I was a teenager.  It’s the same feeling you sometimes get when rising too quickly from a hot bath, and I’m sure it has something to do with blood pressure.
  • Urine: clear, yellow, red, sweet (12 or more times a day)
  • Mind is clearer and I can think better
  • Teeth have soft porous feel where metal filling are, natural bone feels fine and smooth, as well as porcelain/composite.
  • The stretched skin around my anus from swelled hemorrhoids has tightened somewhat, which is a good thing.
  • Haven’t pooped for almost a week now.  I’m not complaining; I don’t really feel the urge to go.

Also, I have only drank 4 oz of juice, and only sipping.  I have a strange pain in my chest cavity, but I do not feel hungry or starving.  Intriguing.

5:30 PM

Finally kinda felt hungry so I gulped the last 6 Oz’s of my drink.  Good thing I located a farmer’s market today … oh crap I have to go put stuff away!!!

6:20 PM

I’m back.  Well, I’m tuckered out and have other things to tend to so for now, here’s wishing you a healthy happy raw food healing journey 🙂

Green Juice Fast – Day 6

Green Juice Fast – Day 6


I’m afraid I’ve developed a severe candida infestation.  My groin is terribly itchy including my ballsack, my taint, my anus and parts of my thigh.  I’m starting to think that candida has been in my body all along, since before I began my fast, and may a root cause of my chronic tiredness, but then again maybe not.  The only thing I know for sure is it was with me at least 5 days ago.  It’s emergence really does seem to coincide with when I stopped eating microwaved chicken enchiladas, chips, salsa, icecream, hummus, and nuts, and started drinking more fruit juices in preparing to begin my fast.

So, did the increase in (and basically replacement of) fruit based juices in my diet lead to this seeming explosion of candida?

Remedies Used and Efficacy:

Peppermint Oil, Tea Tree Oil, & Honey:

This is prepared as a salve (as mentioned in this post).  It seemed to be effective for about 3 days.  Unfortunately, on day 3 of my fast it seemed to loose it’s efficacy which was baffling to me.

Bentonite Clay (the kind for internal and external use):

I have been using this for 3 days now.  The way it works is you mix equal parts clay powder (comes in a round container with an Aztec temple on it) and warm to hot water.  The instructions say don’t use a metallic utensil to stir.  In my case, I mix it in a plastic disposable cup (like the kind you find at keggers) with the non-writing end of a plastic cased writing utensil, like a sharpie.  Stir fast for about a minute and it’s ready to go.

Next, take the clay mixture and spread it down the middle of two facial tissues stacked on top of each other.  Spread the mixture the whole length of the the tissue about 2 inches wide.  Carefully pick up the Kleenex from the bottom and align the middle of the tissue with your buttcrack and the basically apply the clay by pressing into your buttcrack.  (This type of clay is all natural and is safe for internal use).  Then use the tissue and kinda smear the clay around.  The idea is you want it to coat everywhere that the itching is occurring.  Until the clay begins to set (about 20 minutes) you may feel discomfort and more itching because of the moistness which feeds the yeast (candida).  However, you should start to experience relief within about 30 minutes maximum.  One caveat however: this can get messy so I recommend sacrificing a pair of cotton underwear layered under cotton lounge pants to the gods of healing.

At first you might think “Rubbing clay on my asshole is going to feel like I shit my pants – No thank you!”  I know, I thought that too at first … that’s part of the reason why I bought this stuff six months ago and have only now been desperate enough to try it.  But, to the contrary, after it sets up, it feels kinda like a plaster mold and kinda like it’s not even there – it’s weird that way.  I think maybe it has thermoconductive properties that make it assume the same temperature as your body.  Regardless, this has proven an effective, if not strange, modality for treating jock itch/candida overgrowth with relief lasting over 12 hours.

Unfortunately, the one bad part is that I start to itch again around noon.  Not everywhere, as most of the clay is still in effect, but even in places where the clay is clearly sitting, the itching will just randomly resume.  Could it be that the random itching actually coincides with my lunch meal drink, which today was 4 different varieties of sweet apples, granny smith apples, pears, carrots, ginger, greens, and lemons?

9:34 PM

So, I’m sitting here typing this post after having applied a new “mud pack” (which is how you can think of the clay, I guess) and I’m feeling a lot of relief.  My last green drink was about 3 hours ago.  That is relevant because in my search earlier this evening to find information about clay, candida & juice fasting altogether I discovered some interesting info already out there:

Recommends juices made with these ingredients for candida sufferers:

    • cranberries, broccolli, cabbage, carrots, cauliflower, celery, leafy greens, onions, squash, sweet potato and red pepper, garlic, ginger, parsley
    • minimize fruit sugars as much as possible
    • granny smith apples, lemons, limes and cranberries are the standard candida diet fruits that are allowed

Offers a step-by-step treatment for Candida Overgrowth

    • begin with a fast to remove all sugars from the diet and reveal food allergies that often co-exist with Candida. Fasting also allows the body to detoxify and boost the immune function.
    • fast on 3 days of vegetable juices. best is carrot (1 part), celery, beet and parsley (1/3 part each) and water.  unsweetened peppermint or chamomile tea are ok to drink.
    • there may be discomfort while fasting as the yeast dies off and toxins are released into the bloodstream. Headaches, dizziness, bad breath and pimples are not unusual. Don’t worry about these, they will disappear as the yeast dies down. Try to schedule the 2nd and 3rd days of the fast over a weekend so that you don’t have to be energetic unless you feel up to it.
    • when you break the fast don’t go back to eating heavy cooked foods right away or you will shock the body [Editor’s Note:  I learned this one the hard way.  When I did my first fruit fast I actually made that mistake and lets just say I lived in the bathroom for about 2 days after I first tried to eat cooked and processed food again!]

I’m falling asleep and I hungry … strange combination. Lol.  No it really sucks!  Argghh…

Well, I hope this info has been useful to some of you.

Have a blessed day!

Green Juice Fast – Day 3

Green Juice Fast – Day 3


Well today was day 3 of my first month of juice fasting.  I discovered that $30 of produce that will fit in a roughly 15 gallon tub will last me at least 2 days.  Really, my experience throughout the last year is that anywhere you go, a decent lunch is going run you about $20.  Sure you can buy a salad for around $7 to $10, but I’m talking about a balanced meal such as grilled salmon with steamed vegetables with wild/brown rice, or something balanced like that.  And that’s just lunch – not including breakfast and dinner!  The average cost for one person to eat a healthy, balanced, normal meal is around $60 at present.  I probably have enough green juice for at least 1 more day (about 7 12 oz servings).  Thus, it seems that my juice fast is only costing me about $10 a day – that’s less than it costs to have a ‘healthy’ meal almost anywhere else (in theUS that is)!

Basic Status

I haven’t had a bowel movement in 3 days now and I’m not sure when it will come, my stomach hasn’t really felt that rumbly.  But the last solid food I ate was crunch nut mix so when it finally does come I’m sure it’s going to be solid.

My cough that I was developing has all but subsided as I had predicted.  I credit the juice to fixing that.

My anal rash/itching situation has been subsiding.  I discovered the best solution seems to be applying the peppermint ointment, with strength upped to about 30 drops of both peppermint and tea tree oils per 1 teaspoon of raw honey.  Mix well the dip your finger in it and basically caulk your asscrack with it.  I’ve used this technique to heal cuts in the corner of my eye as well.  Anyway, after caulking from ball-sack to the top of my buttcrack, I digitally insert the finger to basically apply the salve to the inner 1 to 2 inches of my anus.  Essentially we are using the salve as a home-made hemorrhoid cream in this instance.  Then finally, squeeze about 2 teaspoons or so of raw aloe vera gel on your hand and use it to coat over the same buttcrack-ial region.  You may have to experiment to find out what amount of salve vs. skin gel works best for you.


Make sure to only use aloe gel that is APPROVED FOR INTERNAL USE – Most gels that you find in GNC or Vitamin Shoppe do not qualify and are for external use only.  In fact, I have only found one company that makes this stuff – it’s called Aloe Life Skin Gel.  Your best bet is to try a local food place or order from Amazon.

Last night I gained valuable knowledge and built a mock up for solving a ticket at work.  I learned how to use jQuery .toggle method, how to make a button or link that opens or closes using toggle or open/close using separate buttons.  I also learned to implement the jquery.wordWrap.js plugin which is cross-browser compatible and lets you set up a toggle or checkbox to wrap or unwrap a textbox (textarea form tag) on the fly.

Additionally, I tried to implement the code from the Simple Toggle with CSS & jQuery tutorial.  However, just pulling the code snippets from the site and running them together didn’t create a working application.  Only when I did a “view source” and copy-pasted the whole page source did I get an actual working application.  This seems like a nice tutorial, but time will be needed to figure out what the framework is that is needed to make it function correctly.

I also discovered that the easiest was to create a decent WordPress blog is to write it up in MS Word first, taking advantage of all Word’s spelling, dictionary, proofreading, and editing features.  Then, copy paste your article into WordPress’ plain text box tab (as opposed to the HTML box tab).  Save and upload and you are good to go!  This way is a lot faster and easier than trying to type everything in a 2 inch window and then manually updating every 5 minutes.  The only caveat is that what appears as one blank line between paragraphs in Word, shows up as two in WordPress.  Don’t worry about that, it’s just a glitch on cut-paste.  You get the correct formatting if you you click the HTML tab once, then back to the visual – voila!  Now layout should be good.

Finally, I have my eye on a nice camera.  It goes for around $200 but will be on sale for about $150 at Sam’s Club on Black Friday.  I think I can wait another week or two to save some dough, although I would like to get a picture of what I look like now.  I had been worried because the camera on my phone takes great pics from faraway, but up-close (arms-length) it distorts somewhat, which I find unacceptable for the types of accurate body-documentation photos I need to take.  Wait a minute …

You know how sometimes you run into an obstacle you can’t seem to solve, and the you go and ask someone for help, but in the process of explaining the problem to them you come up with the solution without them having said a word?  There should be a name for that, shouldn’t there?  Anyway, that just happened to me.  While I was telling you my reason for needing a new camera and being dismayed that I can’t take decent pics with my camera phone from 3 feet away, nor will it mount on a tripod, I realized that I could take my “before” body photos with my webcam, which still isn’t the greatest but will do in pinch!  Yay for autosolved TM © problems!  So, I guess I just coined a new term today:

autosolve:          The process of solving your own previously unsolvable problem by explaining it to someone else, without them having any input.

USAGE: “Though I persisted for hours, I just couldn’t figure out what was wrong with my code.  So, I went to Tom for help, but while I was explaining the problem to him I autosolved it, so I was able to get the code working and turned in on time”

NOTE:                        The terms “auto” and “solve” have been long been used together in various combinations, which a simple Google search will reveal.  However, those have mostly been as proper names for companies.  So, this is indeed the first instance of the verb autosolve and it’s birthday is today (11.11.13). J

One immediate difference is that instead of sleeping in till 8 or getting up and still being too tired to function, since I started my fast 3 days ago I have been waking up each morning at 6:30 AM on the dot!

To Do:

  • Use jQuery to dynamically create links for keywords on pages
  • Design site so it still has the basic functionality if JavaScript is disabled on user end
  • Raw and organic food locator with Google Maps API
  • Haunted places locator with Google Maps API
  • How to implement jQuery on my WordPress blog?
  • Bulletproof web design that doesn’t rely on styling or scripting, but rather is enhanced by it
  • How to add images as bullets?  Add different images based on li attributes?
  • How to dynamically add bullets to paragraphs?  (replace p tags with a wrapped li and ul structure)
  • How to include custom or external css file in WordPress?
  • Best formatting for definitions?
  • Best formatting for code in blog posts (programming fonts)
  • Best free photo hosting for blogs?