Free CSS Image Bullets: Marijuana Weed Leaf with Drop Shadow

Free CSS Image Bullets: Marijuana Weed Leaf with Drop Shadow

Why I’m Publishing These Images For Everyone to Use:

I created these marijuana/weed/hemp/ganja css image bullets yesterday. It took about 30 minutes to locate and try various leaf images and select a final one, and the work itself took about 1.5 hours to design and finalize with Photoshop CS3. I would have settled for some premade css weed bullets, but I didn’t find any I liked. So I found the best leaf photo I could, stroked it, laid on a drop-shadow, and reduced the size before saving it. When I was finished, I decided I’d make these images available for anyone to use under the creative commons license below.

CSS Bullet Images:


Just right-click and choose save image.


Creative Commons License Terms of Use:

  • Commercial Use is allowed
  • Modifications are allowed as long as others share alike
  • Proper attribution must be given

Creative Commons License
cssImageBullet_marijuanaWeed.png by Eric Hepperle is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.
Based on a work at


EXTRA, EXTRA – Corrupt House Niggers Seize Marijuana Shipment And Beat Slaves To Please Their Master

Anyone who is familiar with the term “house nigger“, (as I learned from the Autobiography of Malcom X as told to Alex Haley, creator of “Roots“) understands that this is a slave who doesn’t think he’s a slave anymore because he gets to sleep in the house with the master and wear fancy clothes and just overall enjoy a better standard of living than their other slave bretheren.

Part of the house nigger’s job is to make sure that the field slaves stay in line, and also to tell them that even though things are tough, if they just hang on EVENTUALLY things will get better.  Basically, he protects his master and his own standard of living by maintaining the status quot.  He understands intrinsically that for him to keep enjoying the way things our, his suffering bretheren will have to remain toiling in the field.  And he is fine with that.

In this case, the house nigger is the police chief, proud of doing the bidding of his master, which he thinks is “the law” or “the united states goverment”, but in actuality it is more accurately the corporatocracy of multinational conglomerate machines that, like a virus mixed cross-bred with a leech, sucks the world and it’s inhabitants dry, and then moves on to the next are with resources to abuse and exploit.

Sorry,  this is kindof a rant here, I know.  And this video is old.  But I was moved to say something and I’ve said my peace.  Comments are welcomed if you want to speak yours.