Why Should I Try Quantum Jumping and What Is It?

Why Should I Try Quantum Jumping and What Is It?

Quantum Jumping Physical Collection

Quantum Jumping Program – Physical Collection

Everything I Know About Quantum Jumping I Learned From My Mother (so far)

My Mom told me about quantum jumping last year and she said she has not been able to do it but she wants to.  What she explained it sounding like she

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Mom’s Spiritual Wisdom

was talking about astral travel (out of body experience).  Today she was telling about it again after I explained what is going on with my relationships and my physical health issues.  She elaborated more and explained that we all have aspects of ourselves who are experts at a given topic

Burt Goldman Teaching Quantum Jumping

Burt Goldman Teaching Quantum Jumping

(e.g.: the me that is an expert healer, the great lover me, the excellent business-minded me, the great-with-children me, etc.), and the goal of qj is to make contact with one of these beings and ask them to give you the knowledge you need to perform a difficult task you don’t know how to accomplish.

The Matrix: Downloading Experience via Software vs Quantum Jumping

From one aspect, this concept is very “matrix-y” in the sense that it is similar to believing that there is a master data-set containing the entire canon of knowledge for a given topic that one simply transfers to one’s consciousness and thereby instantly attains the new desired techniques, skills, memories, and abilities.  So whereas quantum jumping may talk about accessing the super mind for information you receive from different expert versions of yourself, the matrix’s version is more computer-0riented and says that we can download any knowledge of a given topic (martial arts, cunnilingus, managing a roller coaster park, etc.) into

Research At UC Berkeley Create 'Automated Learning' To Download Knowledge Like In The Matrix movies

Downloading knowledge in The Matrix

our brains and boom — now we are instant experts.  Note, though, that the Matrix movies offer no explanation or plausible suppositions as to how downloading those skills handle different people’s personal learn styles, speed of learning etc.  Instead, it essentially offers Hollywood’s standard story-line alternative when no plausible pseudo-science or futurism is available — the plot device of deus ex machina.

A Seance With Yourself ™

The concept of quantum jumping from her explanation of it makes more sense from a scientific and metaphysical standpoint.  If  she has explained it correctly, qj basically allows you to question yourself and to be answered back — not by some outside source that may not fully understand or care what you are trying to get out of this query session — but rather, in your own voice, using your own thought and speech patterns, and teaching you the new knowledge you are

Wikipedia: Séance

A seance from the early 1900’s

seeking using the methods that you personally learn best with.  If my understanding is correct, this seems like something I will want to investigate further before trying it.  Essentially, my take on it is that (in a nutshell) it can be thought of in simplistic terms as a “seance with yourself”.

Tell Us About Your Experience With Quantum Jumping — Was It Good Or Bad? Would You Do It Again?

I do plan to try quantum jumping soon.  It seems like  it will be an amazing experience that will indeed, be life-changing and I eagerly await this mystical knowledge waypoint on my current journey.  Have you ever tried Quantum Jumping?  Have you trained under or worked with Burt Goldman in person?  Let me know in the comments below — I’d love to hear your story!