Raw Life Wizard is Moving!!!

Hey folks!

Raw Fruit

Raw Fruit

RawLifeWizard is moving today (Jan 3, 2013) to a new home.  This blog will now be combined with my main blog at kristobaldude.wordpress.com.  For now I will leave rawlifewizard.wordpress.com up so that everyone can see this notice.  But, alas I will not be updating this url any further after today.

I’m doing this for 2 reasons — 1) Make it easier to keep track of posting replies to comments — currently I have around 4 handles that I could use to respond with.  To facilitate more efficient comment management I will now only be responding as “Kristobaldude“.  So, if you ever see a comment by Kristobaldude, RawLifeWizard, CodeSlayer2010, or Dr. Tempus Sans … yep, those are all me!

The 2nd reason is that now posts will appear to be more frequent because all my posts will be combined into one blog.  The main reason I had multiple WordPress.com blogs was to enable categorization of the main types of posts as follows:

  • RawLifeWizard – Health & Wellness
  • CodeSlayer2010 – Programming, Computers, Science & Tech
  • MarchOfTimes – History, Politics, Government, Philosophy, Warfare
  • Kristobaldude – Personal observations & editorials that don’t fit the other 3 blog motifs.

Make sure to update your links accordingly so you don’t miss anything!

See you at our new location of kristobaldude.wordpress.com! 🙂

-RawLifeWizard (01/03/13)


sneezing itchy eyes possible allergies

I know I have sneezing itchy eyes watery eyes um hard to keep my eyes open possible allergies … I just remember that some call ecanatia is good for indicated for sneezing in and allergies from the skype thing humbly with my buddy … sorry tired some voice isn’t as good as it should be I don’t know if I would say my bones feel brittle but I feel like maybe they’re not absorbing vitamin c and calcium the way they should be … anyway this is a record of online what’s going on with me since I can’t seem to write right now

mom is home and she made me some fruit and the bing cherries and strawberries seem to be the most helpful to make me feel little bit better,
but the bananas in the grapes do nothing for me I supposed to do grapes are most tasteless do to over radiation

well I’m posting this on my droid razor phone and it’s gonna die pretty soon as crappy battery life I maybe getting a droid razor maxx

later for now and be blessed all.